Brain Game: That Darn Clock


Today is Tuesday Test Time, and this one requires some brain work, so stretch out your cranium if you haven't done so yet today. Good luck:

It was Friday afternoon, October 2, and Katelyn kept an appointment by visiting Austin in his office for the first time. When Katelyn arrived, the first thing she did was apologize for being late.

"I thought I was on time, but the clock on your wall says that it's five minutes after three, and I was supposed to be here at right at three o'clock." Austin followed her eyes to an the old decorative analog clock. "Oh, don't go by that. It's a cool old clock I got years ago, and I just can't get rid of it. You're right on time!" Austin went on to explain that the clock lost exactly five minutes every hour, and so it rarely indicated the correct time. He kept it around because he liked its old-fashioned design.

The two concluded their business in about fifteen minutes, and Katelyn left. The two didn't see each other until the following week, when Katelyn returned to Austin's office for a second afternoon appointment. Katelyn was prompt as usual, and one of the first things she did was to look at the old clock on the wall.

"Did you fix it?" she asked.

"No, I haven't touched it." Austin replied. "Why?"

"Because the time it's showing is exactly correct."

The question: What was the day, date, and time of Katelyn's second visit to Austin's office?

Here is the SOLUTION.



The clock loses exactly 5 minutes each hour, so it loses 5 x 24 = 120 minutes (two hours) each day.

Exactly six days from the time of her previous visit, the clock would read the same time again (3:05). An hour later, at 4 PM, the clock would lose another 5 minutes and would match the correct time.

So Katelyn's second visit was exactly six days and one hour later than her first (which was at 3PM on Friday, October 2).

Thanks for playing! Tomorrow's Brain Game: Wednesday Wordplay.