Brain Game: But Not Shine or Giant


A short and sweet question makes up today's Tuesday Test Time. Good luck!

What very specific trait do the following 5-letter words (but no others) have in common? CRASH, WINGS, ROCKY

Here is the SOLUTION.


They're the titles of films that won the Best Picture Oscar at the Academy Awards:

Crash in 2005,
Wings in 1929,
Rocky in 1976.

Shine and Giant were nominated for - but did not win - the Best Picture Oscar, just like Alibi, Ghost, and Fanny.

IMPORTANT NOTE: These types of puzzles tend to lend themselves to multiple answers, so if you discovered another "very specific" trait that the words have in common, feel free to share it with us in the comments, and consider your answer correct.

Thanks for playing! Tomorrow's Brain Game: Wednesday Wordplay.