Brain Game: Really, Really Bad Rebus #26


The daily Brain Game has been around a few years now, and it amazes me that we've been allowed to even reach the 26th entry in the Really, Really Bad Rebus series. In the past, I've singled out a few of these puzzles that lived up to their descriptive adjectives. But today's entry is truly, absolutely, positively the worst one I've ever done. It kinda breaks the rules of a rebus in about eight ways. And I'm sorry.

Of course, the payoff will be better if you give it a good sporting try, so please do so before succumbing to temptation. Good luck!

Here is the SOLUTION.


For a Few Dollars More (1965, starring Clint Eastwood)

4 "of" + ewe doll + R + s'more

Thanks for playing!