Brain Game: Cash Poor


TGI Free-for-all Friday! Good luck with today's Brain Game.

NOTE: Shortly after this puzzle was first published, I had to make adjust the answer (per info provided by the keen mind of reader Richard). If you're seeing this note, the puzzle is correct now. Thanks!

Bruce's pocket is full of valid, current U.S. notes and coins (but he has no $100 bills). Still, he cannot make exact change for any U.S. note. What's the largest amount of money Bruce could have?

Here is the ANSWER.



Bruce's pocket contains:

4 pennies (0.04)
4 dimes (0.40)
3 quarters (0.75)*
4 two-dollar bills (8.00)
1 five-dollar bill (5.00)
4 twenty-dollar bills (80.00)
1 fifty-dollar bill (50.00)

*could also be one 50-cent piece and one quarter

With all that, Bruce could not make exact change for a $1, $2, $5, $10, $20, $50 or $100 bill.

Have a great weekend, all!