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Brain Game: Two Spares


It's Tuesday Test Time here at the Brain Game. Good luck!

Ben and Cal are both excellent 10-pin bowlers, but have a little trouble in the first and last throw of each game. Take this particular match-up: Ben bowls a 4 on his first ball, gets the spare, and then reels off 10 strikes in a row before throwing a 5 on his last ball. Cal's round is very similar - he bowls a 5 on his first ball, gets the spare, rolls 10 strikes in a row, and then earns a 4 on his last ball. With this information in mind:

What was the final score? Who won the game, Ben or Cal?

Here is the ANSWER.


BEN won the game by the score of 285-284.

The scores were even from the 2nd ball through the 12th ball, but Ben's extra pin in the last frame makes the difference. If you're unsure of how to properly score a bowling match, several online sources teach you how (or even do it for you).

Thanks for playing! Tomorrow, get ready for some Wednesday Wordplay.