Brain Game: Grades Are In


We haven't done a logic puzzle for the Brain Game in quite some time, so let's remedy that with today's Free-for-all Friday challenge. Good luck!

Scores just came in on the semester's first big exam, and five friends - Ann, Dan, Jan, Nan, and Stan - compared their grades, which ranged from A to D and included a B+, a B-, and a C. Using this information and the 3 clues that follow, determine which student garnered which score:

1. Dan did not score a B, and Stan did not score a C. 2. One student's name begins with the same letter as his/her score. 3. Jan's score was just higher than Nan's score, which was just higher than Stan's score.

Here is the SOLUTION.


Jan scored the A.
Nan earned a B+.
Stan was given a B-.
Ann got the C, and
Dan finished with a D.

Thanks for playing! Join us after the weekend for a brand new Monday Math Square.