Brain Game: 9 States, 9 Capitals


Today's Think Thursday challenge might be more difficult than most... I'm sure we'll find out soon from the comments. So, without further ado, here's today's Brain Game. Good luck!

What do the capitals of each of these 9 states have in common that no other state capitals do? ALASKA, ARIZONA, CALIFORNIA, GEORGIA, IDAHO, KANSAS, MINNESOTA, TENNESSEE, VIRGINIA.

Here is the SOLUTION.


Each capital city's name contains the same number of letters as its state's name.

JUNEAU, ALASKA (6 letters each)
PHOENIX, ARIZONA (7 letters each)
SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA (10 letters each)
ATLANTA, GEORGIA (7 letters each)
BOISE, IDAHO (5 letters each)
TOPEKA, KANSAS (6 letters each)
SAINT PAUL, MINNESOTA (9 letters each)
NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE (9 letters each)
RICHMOND, VIRGINIA (8 letters each)

Thanks for playing! Tomorrow - Free-for-all Friday.