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Brain Game: Flowing Like a River


First things first: Congratulations to Maria, who won our "Extremely Short Story" challenge in last Friday's Brain Game. She wins a Collector's Edition DVD Boxed Set of the comedy film Monty Python and the Holy Grail, compliments of mental_floss magazine! See her entry (and all the others) by clicking here. Now, on to today's Free-for-all Friday puzzle. Enjoy!

You're looking at a standard digital clock that tells time using the standard 12-hour U.S. format. The device uses standard seven-segment LEDs, whose digits appear as follows:

segments1.gif /

With this information in mind:

What time of day would light up the MOST number of segments on the clock's face?

Here is the ANSWER.


10:08 lights up a total of 21 segments.

In the case of some 24-hour-capable clocks, the leading number might light up as well, in which case

08:08 would be possible, using a total of 26 segments.

Thanks for playing, and join us Monday for a new Math Square challenge. See you then!