Brain Game: Prez Play


Since it's a presidential election year, the Brain Game will offer some related puzzles leading up to the big event in November, including today's Tuesday Test Time challenge. Good luck!

Of all those who have served as president of the U.S., exactly SEVEN of them spent MORE than one full term in office but FEWER than two full terms. Name these seven.

Here are the ANSWERS.


CALVIN COOLIDGE (finished Harding's term and was re-elected)
LYNDON B. JOHNSON (finished Kennedy's term and was re-elected)
ABRAHAM LINCOLN (served one term and was assassinated during his second)
WILLIAM McKINLEY (served one term and was assassinated during his second)
RICHARD NIXON (served one term and resigned during his second)
THEODORE ROOSEVELT (finished McKinley's term and was re-elected)
HARRY TRUMAN (finished Franklin Roosevelt's 4th term and was re-elected)

Thanks for playing! Tomorrow, it's Wordplay Wednesday.