IMPORTANT NOTE: I laid a BIG egg with my original text for today's Brain Game, claiming that there were three answers when in fact there are four. But I've fixed the phrasing, so we're ready to go.

The (revised!) phrasing of the question in today's Brain Game Tuesday Test Time challenge may provide a hint to one (or two) of the four answers. Give it a shot:

Exactly FOUR last names of U.S. presidents
contain the letter V.  Name them.

Here are the ANSWERS.


Herbert HOOVER, and
Theodore or Franklin ROOSEVELT.

NOTE: My original answer excluded Hoover. I phrased it asking for "last names of presidents" instead of "presidents' last names"  because (1) two different Roosevelts were president, and (2) Cleveland was our 22nd and 24th president, since he was elected to non-consecutive terms. Apparently, all my concern over that led me to forget poor Herb. Sorry, guy.

Thanks for playing! Tomorrow, it's Wordplay Wednesday.