Meet Debbie. She's the focus of today's Brain Game Free-for-all Friday challenge. Enjoy!

Debbie loves dogs, but doesn't like cats.
She likes eggplant, but not celery.
Debbie would much rather visit Boston than Honolulu.
She listens to bluegrass, but can't stand jazz
She'd drive an Impala, but never a Camaro.

With all these in mind, which of these
movies would be Debbie's favorite?

Evita, Rocky, Vertigo, Casablanca, Jaws

Here is the ANSWER.



The first letters of items in Debbie's list of favorite things spell out her name: Dogs, Eggplant, Boston, Bluegrass, Impala... so the last answer would be Evita.

Thanks for playing, and have a great weekend!