Brain Game: Jennifer


Say "hi" to Jennifer, whose likes and dislikes will help you solve today's Brain Game Free-for-all Friday challenge. Good luck!

Jennifer collects spoons, but is not so fond of forks. She'd much rather drive a Regal than an Impala. She enjoys playing golf but doesn't care for tennis. Jennifer likes eating desserts but not appetizers. With all these in mind, which of these would Jennifer prefer to do in her spare time? crochet, sing, garden, sleep

Here is the ANSWER.


Jennifer would rather SLEEP.

She prefers things with reversible names... spoons (snoops), Regal (lager), golf (flog), and desserts (stressed). So she'd also like to sleep (peels).

NOTE: These puzzles sometimes lend themselves to alternate "correct" answers. If you came up with one, feel free to share it with us in the comments below. And have a great weekend!