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Brain Game: Sun, Rock, Spin


Please say hello to my friend Darrin, whose likes and dislikes will help you solve today's Brain Game Free-for-all Friday challenge. Good luck!

Darrin would rather have a sister than a brother. He likes it when it's windy but not when it's raining. He prefers the Atlantic to the Antarctic. Darrin would drive a Dodge before an Oldsmobile. And he'd want an emerald instead of a diamond. With all these in mind, which of these Van Halen hits would likely be Darrin's favorite (and why)? "Jump"  "Panama"   "Dreams"

Here is our ANSWER.


Darrin's favorite Van Halen hit would be "Panama."

Darrin likes "city" things - Sister City, Windy City, Atlantic City, Dodge City, Emerald City. He also has a thing for Panama City.

NOTE: These puzzles sometimes lend themselves to alternate "correct" answers. If you came up with one, feel free to share it with us in the comments below. And have a great weekend!