Amazing Bridges that Save Wildlife

Jill Harness
The World Geography
The World Geography / The World Geography

If you've ever accidentally hit an animal with your car, then you are already well aware that wildlife and freeways are a dangerous combination. Roads are a necessary part of our lives, so how can we save animals while still getting around?

The answer lies in wildlife crossings—everything from bridges to underpasses to viaducts—that allow critters to safely bypass highways and roads. The World Geography has an amazing collection of some of the most fascinating wildlife overpasses on earth, including the crab overpass in Christmas Island National Park in Australia (above), and the Netherlands' Ecoduct De Woeste Hoeve below.

Wildlife crossings help all kinds of animals get around, including salamanders, panthers, bears, and badgers. These pieces of infrastructure save not just wildlife, but also money: Drivers in the U.S. spend $8 billion annually on wildlife-related damage to cars.