Some Kids Act Like Neanderthals And Some Kids Are Actual Neanderthals

A Professor at Harvard Medical School is trying to find a woman willing to be impregnated with a baby created from caveman DNA. And, just to repeat: This is being done at Harvard Medical School, not by some insane mad scientist in a Looney Tunes cartoon.


Ike Gets Lassoed

President Eisenhower had a cowboy lasso thrown over him during his 1953 inauguration by Montie Montana, an old west style rope trick performer with the best old timey western name ever.


Holy Car Cash, Batman

Adam West’s iconic Batmobile is about to get auctioned off, and the price it may go for is pretty shocking.


Google Glasses In Action

I wonder what amazing information about the subway they have to share?


So, What Do We Think Flossers?

Real or fake?


Surprising Facts About MLK's Assassination

Here are a couple of facts about the tragedy you might not have been aware of.


The TV Show Was Better

People love to tell you that the book that a movie was based on was better. But original source material isn’t always superior. Case in point: These TV shows were much better than the films that inspired them.