6 Stirring Speeches From America's Best Fictional Presidents

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Barack Obama has officially been inaugurated as the president of the United States of America for the second time. Yesterday, he gave a stirring speech to the American people. Here, six other presidential speeches that will move you. (PS: They're totally not real presidents.)

Independence Day

Bill Pullman's iconic President Whitmore made this memorable speech about the world's independence day in this film about an alien attack on Earth.

West Wing

Jed Bartlet reminds us that "the streets of heaven are too crowded with angels" during this speech after a violent attack on a college campus.


"I ought to care more about what's right than I do about what's popular," Kevin Kline said in his role as Dave, a character who is hired by the Secret Service to impersonate the president.

The American President

A speech about the American Civil Liberties Union makes President Andrew Shepherd pretty darn likable in this film written by Aaron Sorkin, who is best known for The West Wing.

Commander in Chief

This short-lived drama starred Geena Davis as the president. She reminds us that the character of any nation is judged by its people, not its leaders.

Air Force One

"Real peace is not just the absence of conflict," said President James Marshall, aka Harrison Ford.