My Darling, You Smell Absolutely Wonderful. Is That Play-Doh?

Check out this funny list of the 16 strangest perfumes and colognes in the world. (Via Neatorama)


The Moon Hoax Hoax

S. G. Collins makes the argument that given the limitations of the current video technology of the time, it would have been easier to just go to the moon than it would have been to fake it.


The Hobbit: Children’s Edition

Tolkien’s book about an unexpected journey get turned into a Little Golden Book.


The Chappelle Bracket

In honor of the ten-year anniversary of its premiere, Grantland is on a mission to identify the best Chappelle’s Show sketch.


How Twitter Gave You the Bird

The logo of the popular microblogging site is a bird. But one early logo idea featured the flipping of a different kind altogether.


At Least the Poster WIll Rock

If you’re nervous that the new Star Wars film will further soil your childhood memories, you can at least rest assured that the film’s poster will be great.


John Hodgman’s Advice for Writers

Don’t be proficient, be persistent. But, I guess it would also work to be both.