Presenting A Projectable Ping Pong Pool Party

I never get invited to any kind of shindig that’s this cool. Maybe that's because I use words like "shindig."


But, I’m A Really Big Fan

The University of Wisconsin recently filled their open Head Football Coach position. But not before a bunch of people, many of whom had no real qualifications, had applied for the position. Check out the way that some of them tried to sell themselves for the job.


High Flying Facts

Check out the unique stories behind the creation of 5 foreign flags—and one amazing fact about our own.


Funny and Fantastic Fan Theories

The great thing about pop culture is that there is always plenty of room for debate, discussion, and wild, outlandish conspiracy. Here are 15 theories that fans have developed about James Bond, Super Mario Brothers 3, Quentin Tarantino, The Fresh Prince, and many more.


All Time Zones Must Converge

I remember thinking as a small child, back when I was much more easily amused, that it would be cool to go to the “Four Corners” where Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, and Utah all come together, and stick one limb in each state. Again, I was pretty easily amused then. Now I realize that it would be way cooler (and colder) to go to Antarctica, where the time zones converge.


A Parent's Most Selfless Act

Giving your child away in order to give them a better life is the ultimate act of heartbreak and valor for a parent. This amazing photograph captures the moment one mother made this sacrifice as the Berlin Wall began to take shape.