Buzzing with Excitement


Please say hello to my friend Greg, whose likes and dislikes will help you solve today's Brain Game Free-for-all Friday challenge. Good luck!

Greg likes butter much better than margarine. He'd live in a house before renting an apartment. He'd ride a horse before getting on a bike. And Greg would rather eat fruit than vegetables. With all these in mind, which of these mythical creatures would be Greg's favorite? unicorn, dragon, mermaid

Click HERE for the answer.


Greg likes insects - specifically the FLY. He likes the BUTTERfly, the HOUSE fly, the HORSEfly, and the FRUIT fly. So given a choice, he'd prefer a DRAGONfly over the other choices.

NOTE: These puzzles sometimes lend themselves to alternate "correct" answers. If you came up with one, feel free to share it with us in the comments below. And have a great weekend!