12 Unconventional Radiators

Amanda Green
Art Lebedev
Art Lebedev / Art Lebedev

In the immortal words of Outkast, "What's cooler than being cool? Ice cold!" And what's cooler than being ice cold? These hot—and totally rad—ideas for making your radiator stand out this winter.

1. Radiasaurus Rex

The dinosaur above, designed by Art Lebedev studios, keeps rooms at cozy mid-Cretaceous temperatures. (Via Geekologie.)

2. Art Radiator

Image via DigsDigs

It's your cat's favorite painting!

3. Eiffel Tower Radiator

Image via DigsDigs

How do you say, "Don't lean on this while wearing polyester" in French?

4. Animal-Shaped Radiator

Image via Craziest Gadgets

I hereby trademark the term "taxithermy."

5. DIY Sheep Radiator

Image via Raneytown

Here's an animal radiator ewe can make yourself.

6. Colorblock Radiator

Image via Apartment Therapy

It's not often you wish you could wear a household appliance.

7. LEGO Radiator

Image via yaean design shanghai

No LEGOs were harmed in the making of this radiator.

8. Cordivari Radiators

Image via Freshome.com

The Lamborghini of radiators.

9. HOT Radiator

Image via Apartment Therapy

Nelly said it best: "Hot in. So hot in herre!"

10. Fireplace Radiator

Image via Interior Tips

This is what the kids call "meta."

11. Dice Radiator

Image via Hometone

Watch out. This guy's on a hot streak.

12. Milano Radiator

Image via Apartment Therapy

Your turn. What's your caption for this one?