Rules Are Meant to Be Stupid

Check out this list of professional sports rules that you probably didn’t know existed - and certainly don’t need to.


Long Live the Awkward-Looking King

This clunky computer animated rendering of Mufasa’s death in The Lion King somehow turns a really sad moment into a distractingly inept one.


Emphasis on “BASED ON”

Just because a movie is based on a true story doesn’t make it a documentary. Even the best biopics get some stuff wrong, as these 3 Oscar contenders did.


I Have One Word For You: Astrochimp

You should already be sold. But, in case you’re not, let me offer this: Astrochimps. Man, I love chimps.


Whistler’s Momma Is Into Some Weird Stuff

At least she’s not just sitting around anymore.


White House, Red Carpet

From the looks of this gallery, in the 80s there was at least one major celebrity at the White House every day. I guess that stands to reason, since President Reagan was a movie star himself.


OK, Just One More Zombie Thing: Hines Ward

The former Pittsburgh Steeler will appear on The Walking Dead in the show's February 10 episode. This makeup is pretty awesome.