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Beat This Fact: Jim Harbaugh Played Screech's Cousin

Jason English
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We're warming up for our annual Super Bowl live-tweeting extravaganza, which is my favorite thing we do. Colin Perkins and Stacy Conradt are on fact-finding missions as I type. But we could use your help! If you've got an amazing fact related to the game—and "related" in our case often means "has a little to do with someone in one of the commercials"—leave it in the comments.

If we use your fact on Twitter during the Super Bowl, I'll mail you $5 straight cash. And we'll send a mental_floss t-shirt to the person who submits our favorite fact.

Update! C.Tyson Jones is our Super Bowl champion. I used his coin toss fact on Twitter during the game and used some of his other facts in various conversations leading up to it. You've got $5 and a t-shirt coming your way as soon as I track down your address. Be on the lookout for an email.