Riddle Me This

Try to solve each of these puzzling pictures made up of everyone's favorite childhood building toys. But be warned: You may waste the rest of the afternoon on these.


Games Adults Play: Tag

This group of friends is extremely committed to playing tag. So much so that they travel around the country tagging each other and the game has been going on for over two decades.


Who Were the Warner Brothers?

Get fully up to speed on this list of 25 interesting bits of history and trivia on the famous movie studio.


XLVII Layer Dip

In honor of Super Bowl 47, Buzzfeed has assembled an awe-inspiring 47 layer dip.


Did Hemingway Really Write Hemingway’s Famous Six-Word Short Story?

Ernest Hemingway once wrote a six-word short story that went like this:

“For sale: Baby shoes, never worn.”

The tale is just as heartbreaking as it is brief. But, the question has always lingered about whether or not he actually wrote it.


Actually See One of the Oscar Nominated Animated Shorts

There’s always that part of the Oscars when they name all of the short animated films nominated for an Oscar and you think, “Who the heck has seen any of these? Where do you ever see one of these?” Well, now you will have seen Disney’s Paperman.


Tie A Ribbon Around Your Finger...

Leave yourself a note. Do whatever it takes, just don’t forget these things.