Curmudgeon Is the Best Word in the English Language

I propose that no other single word so perfectly marries its phonetic characteristics with its meaning. When you call someone a curmudgeon, you’re saying so much more than “grumpy” or “grouchy.” You’re really bestowing upon someone a royal crown of acidic attitude. I love it. (Larry David is my favorite curmudgeon of all time. That’s high praise from me.)


Oh No, Not Yet

The 2016 Presidential race has already started. But, luckily, this is a really fun candidate to consider.


The Time Charles Schulz Killed Off A Little Girl

Don’t worry, the girl was just a new Peanuts character that people really didn’t like. Here’s a cheeky response note where he blames a fan for the girl’s death.


Forget Making Video Games Look Like the Real World

Let’s make the real world look like video games.


The Super Bowl Ad You Aren’t Allowed to See

When you see how tame (and environmentally conscious) it is, you’ll be really perplexed about why it was banned.


Pry It From My Cold, Dead Grave

There was a time that grave robbing was such a problem that guns were being mounted on graves to shoot potential tomb plunderers.


RIP: Ed Koch

You were the Mayor of New York. You were a TV star. But, most important, you have a Muppet Wiki webpage.