Awesome Aerials

LIFE has a great gallery of UFOs (Unusual Flying Objects).


Be A Skeptic

Michael Shermer, the publisher of Skeptic magazine, discusses in this TED talk what it means to be a skeptic and how human beings search for patterns to assign meaning to.


Not the Most Royal of Resting Places

The body of King Richard III of England has been found more than 500 years after his death in battle. It was under a parking lot.


Notes on Indiana Jones

This script from Raiders of the Lost Ark contains Harrison Ford’s handwritten character notes.


A Complete Super Bowl Commercial Recap

The good, the bad, and the repulsive sound of a beauty and a geek kissing.


That Super Bowl Was Really Lights Out

Ha, ha. Get it? Because there was a blackout. I am the only person that made this joke. Well, anyways, Deadspin has a cool collection of the best shots from the dark period of the game.


My Name is Inigo Montoya. You Killed My Flight Experience.

When we’ve gotten to the point where this many people don’t recognize this quote, then where are we as a people?