Take 25% Off on T-Shirts for T-Shirt Tuesday!

Erin McCarthy

Welcome to a little thing we're calling T-Shirt Tuesday: Every week on the day after Monday, we're releasing new shirt designs in the mental_floss store. Today, it's Colonel Mustard (above). If looks could kill, this shirt would be the equivalent of a candlestick over the head in the conservatory.

To kick off the festivities, we're giving you 25% off all t-shirts in the mental_floss store! Just enter the code TUES25 at checkout; the sale ends at midnight PST. 

Speaking of t-shirts: Did you know that you can submit t-shirt slogans? Ethan D. from Brooklyn, NY, came up with the Colonel Mustard idea. He gets $125, a free shirt, and eternal "I designed a mental_floss t-shirt!" bragging rights. If you have a funny t-shirt slogan, you can submit it here