14 Weird Vintage Valentines

PageOfBats / PageOfBats

They don't make valentines like they used to. The love notes given in the early 20th century were much more interesting than the cookie-cutter pop culture cards kids hand out today—in fact, some of them were deliciously strange. Take a look back at the past of printed love, thanks to Page of Bats.

Well, are you?

We may never know or understand why a clumsy, irritable clown signifies love.

Why wear your heart on your sleeve when you can put it on a platter?

Nothing says Valentine's Day like a little cannibalism!

"Veal" for "feel." Genius!

If you're wondering what violence between two cavewomen has to do with love ... well, so are we.

Go ahead: Grill the one you love.

For the Bonnie to your Clyde.

If you love someone ... run them over.

Tip the head of the girl on this card, and you can see her full pink gas mask!

This Valentine has everything but a really weird kitchen sink.

But what do they mean by "nail"?

With this mechanical card, love interests could make the sword swallower eat the sword.

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