Life's A Zoo

Caisey Robertson
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Most of the time, zoo animals ignore the people milling by. But sometimes, they show their distaste in a more active way. Here are some times the animals took an interest in their visitors.

Bear With Me

A Tibetan bear bounces with a crowd of kids.

Thrill of the Chase

A young monkey and a boy run themselves ragged.

Monkeying Around

A baby chimpanzee wants to play with this 6-month-old, but the glass gets in the way.

Lions Who (Want) Lunch

Good thing that glass was there—or else this toddler would be a lioness’ meal.

Even with a massive lion looming over her, Sophia doesn’t back down.

Another hungry lioness just can’t get through the glass.

Just Keep Swimming

Playing chase again, this time with a very clever otter.

Oh Hai!

Ryan makes a friend—a beaver waving back.