Yesteryear Imagines the Future

Caisey Robertson
ThinkStock / ThinkStock

The 1900s were a time of great innovation, when technology was taking off and every decade had its own iconic fashions. With everything changing so quickly, the people of our past speculated about what the future would look like. Here are some predictions they made about the 21st century.

Predictions from the 1930s

Panthetone Weekly, a 1930s British cinemagazine, ran an episode predicting the advanced fashions people could expect to wear in the year 2000. Sadly, the electric headlight headpieces never caught on.

Predictions from 1967

A 1967 Philco-Ford production titled “Year 1999 A.D.” had high (and rather accurate) expectations of a home computer system in the future.

Predictions from the 1980s

This 1980s news report discusses the predicted world of television, which they call “Telefuture.”

Students at Perkett Elementary School in Minot, North Dakota in 1985 show off their predictions for life in 15 years—on Earth, the Moon, and even Jupiter.

Predictions from the 1990s

AT&T’s 1993 ad series with the tagline “You Will” had some surprisingly accurate predictions for technology in the future, including e-books, offline faxes, and video calls.