Stained Glass Made From Paper

Eric Standley
Eric Standley / Eric Standley

Stained glass tends to be made from, well, glass. But artist Eric Standley makes gorgeous and intricate designs reminiscent of the finest stained glass windows on earth using only one material—paper. He uses lasers to cut the paper into delicate lines and shapes and then stacks hundreds of layers of the multi-colored sheets together to create absolutely breath-taking "windows" that would look right at home in any cathedral.

According to the art magazine Hi Fructose, Standley's creations start out with detailed drawings that allow him to imagine the layout of the complex designs before he carefully starts cutting layer after layer with a laser.

Just hanging one of his fantastic designs on your wall would immediately give your home a more regal, sanctified feel—and it sure would be easier than actually installing a stained glass window.