The Best Best Picture Poster

The great Olly Moss has designed an Oscars poster that features one award tweaked to pay tribute to every Best Picture winner ever. Hint: Click on the picture on the linked page to zoom into it and see more detail.


Marvelous Metro Maps

If you are a lover of maps, as I am, you should really check out the cool designs at Ork Posters. I got the NYC print for Christmas and enjoy it every day. Also, this is not an advertisement. I’m posting this totally on my own, in case you were wondering.


How To: Making Dry Ice

This isn’t so much for people needing to mail something cold. It’s more just for people that really want to use a fire extinguisher and produce fog and want to instantly freeze an orange. Just watch.


Get Back Between Those Ferns

Just in time for the Oscars, two new episodes of the popular web series Between Two Ferns have been released, featuring a myriad of nominated actors. Contains some NSFW language.


Don’t Leave Your Dog In the Car

Unless it’s to get a cool photograph like these ones. But after that, get him right out.


Serenading A Penguin

Why? Just because there’s no good reason not to look at a picture of a man in a kilt serenading a penguin.


February 12, 2000: The Peanuts Patriarch Passes Away

Charles Schulz died on this day 13 years ago. Let’s take a look back at some of his lesser known characters, including one kid named “555 95472”.