Paging Dr. Huxtable

Bill Cosby, everyone’s favorite TV dad, finally shares his thoughts on “Cosby Sweaters”.


The Other Nominees For Best Animated Short

A few weeks ago I linked to Disney’s Paperman, which is nominated for an Oscar for Best Animated Short. Now, here is a post that has all of the nomined films on one page for you to watch. There’s even one from The Simpsons.


Finally A Cat Post I Can Geek Out About

I’m not a cat person. I have no qualms about admitting that. So, I don’t get a lot of cat posts I see on the internet. But I am a Hobbit person (meaning I’m a fan, not a Hobbit). So I have to give credit where credit is due. This cat home is awesome.


The Con Man Who Made the Same Movie Over & Over

No, I’m not talking about [Insert Your Least Favorite Filmmaker Here]. Melton Barker actually made the same movie dozens and dozens of time over the years, each time filling the heads of those in a new small town with dreams of movie stardom.


Well, What If There Is No Tomorrow? There Wasn’t One Today.

Yesterday was the 20th anniversary of the release of Groundhog Day. In an early draft of the script one of Phil’s ex-girlsfriends was shown to have placed a curse on him that caused him to be trapped in his time loop.

Also: Vulture shares 20 thoughts on the film.


It Was Also Honest Abe’s B-Day

Yesterday was Abraham Lincoln's birthday. You obviously know he was President, but you might not have known that he once almost participated in a gun duel with a political rival.


This is Only A Test

This 1922 Kodachrome test footage is wonderful to watch.