Animals Taking Baths

Chris Higgins
YouTube / YouTube

It's bath time, everybody! Get your monkey, cat, sloth, or squirrel and enjoy these videos of adorable animals taking baths.

Capuchin Monkey

From the YouTube description: "Frankie isn't my monkey. He lives in Oklahoma and is doing awesome, he has a wonderful family!" Doesn't stop these nice folks from giving Frankie a bath, complete with adorable squeaks!

Oh yes, and there's a nice blow-dry before a fresh diaper is applied.


This is Mumu. He doesn't seem to mind his bath...for a while. Hiz owner haz put annoying lolcat-speak in YouTube annotations.


Chipper the squirrel has been "getting a little stinky." The squirrel sneeze/annoyance noise at 1:05 is worth the wait.

Baby Sloth(s)

"Wednesday is bath day."

Guinea Pig

Cutie gets bathed once a month.


Casper really, really likes his bath/massage.


Keewy takes a shower. Okay, I know it's not a bath, but seriously, this is ridiculously cute.