The Anti-Life Hacks

It’s almost too easy. So let’s make it needlessly complex! Popular Mechanics has a hilarious rundown of 10 patents that make simple tasks crazy complicated. *

To Recline Is Divine

Unless it’s the person in front of you on the airplane doing the reclining. Then it’s a streak of pure black-heartedness. *

Handcrafted Grumpy Cat Goods

You probably know and love Grumpy Cat already. Now you can stock your home with wonderful Etsy goods honoring your favorite ill-tempered feline. *

An Amazing Result of Brain Damage

Nobody is advocating brain damage, or recommending that anyone go out and actively seek it. But this article does explore the strange phenomenon that has arisen in certain individuals that have suffered from brain damage. Derek Amato suffered severe head trauma and awoke with the ability to play the piano. *

Space Needle, Schmace Needle

These amazing observation towers put the Seattle landmark to shame.


Holy Goon Docks

There was an 80s video game based on The Goonies? How did I miss that or these other forgotten games? *

Get Your Clicking Finger Ready

According to new research, you can reach any of the far reaches of the world wide interweb in fewer clicks than you might imagine.