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Happy Birthday, Kyle MacLachlan!

Erica Palan
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When David Lynch's Twin Peaks premiered in 1990, no one could've predicted how big the cult following of the show—and its star, Kyle MacLachlan—would become. Though Twin Peaks ended quickly due to declining ratings, it has lived on through the rabid fan base. Today, MacLachlan, who later went on to star in Sex and the City and Portlandia, turns 54. Let's take a look back at one of his most cherished roles.

Meeting Audrey Horne

Teenager Audrey Horne is infatuated by Special Agent Dale Cooper.

With the Log Lady

In a quintessential scene in the diner, Agent Cooper wonders about the Log Lady.

Agent Cooper's Little Secret

The man loves good, hot, black coffee.

Agent Cooper's Speech

After being shot, Agent Cooper talks to Diane, whom he sends reports to.

In the Red Room

After getting shot, Agent Cooper has this truly bizarre dream sequence that Twin Peaks fanatics are still pondering today.


Agent Cooper has some untraditional investigative techniques involving a box of rocks and the country of Tibet.