Where We Just Miss Our Soulmates

BuzzFeed has amassed a map that shows state-by-state where people most frequently announce missed connections.


Taking That Infallibility Out For One Last Joyride

This article predicts the bizarro things the Pope will make official decrees about in his last week as the Pontiff.


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How To: Steal $50 Million in Diamonds

These eight fake cops managed to do it.


Great New Technology: What Google Glasses Can Really Do

A while back we all gazed in amazement at the first Google Glass video that came out, describing the pie-in-the-sky capabilities of the futuristic eyewear. This video offers a bit more of a realistic view on what wearing them will be like.


Stupid New Technology: The Worst Way to Watch A Movie

A new movie called It’s A Disaster is being released online in hundreds of short six-second long film clips. Who has been asking for movies this way?


Art Vandelay and Company

You’re familiar with Art Vandelay. He’s an importer/exporter. Find out more about him and other awesome alteregos.