The King of Lego Creations

This thing is a real Thriller. It’s Bad, in a good way. It’s really Off the Wall. This thing is so good it could Heal the World. If you love this just know that You Are Not Alone. So, check it out, and Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough.


Amazing Lost Cities

Check out this cool rundown of vanished civilizations that may or may not have ever existed.


This Underwater City Definitely Did Exist

In 1985 the city of Villa Epecuen was flooded and submerged. Then in 2009 the city slowly started to reappear as the water receded. I found this article thanks to this great post on Imgur.


China Actually Has An Optimus Prime

But don’t fear, it’s a statue. It’s one of many interesting sculptures there on display to the public.


An Earth-Shattering Asteroid Is On Its Way

It will be here in 2029. Or 2036. Or maybe it won’t ever be here. But it probably will be, maybe.


Have A Happy, Copyright Infringement-Free Birthday

You probably know already that "Happy Birthday To You" is copyrighted and costs money to use. So these alternatives have been written to replace it.


That’s A TV Show?

If you find yourself flipping around the TV dial in disbelief about the “reality” that makes it on-air these days, you aren’t alone.