84 Best Picture Oscar Winners, 4 Minutes

Chris Higgins
Vimeo / Vimeo

The 85th Academy Awards are tomorrow, so today it's time to review some Oscar history. Indie filmmaker Nelson Carvajal has created a supercut of all 84 Best Picture winners so far. It's fascinating, and feels like a bit of a quiz -- how many of these films do you recognize just from extremely brief clips? For me I didn't recognize many until the explosion of color, followed by the explosion of musicals, followed by the Hoffman/De Niro Phase ("I'm walkin' here!"), and then it's all suddenly familiar. From 1967 onward I recognized almost every film. Prior to 1958, I knew almost none.

If you want to play along, just watch and count the films you recognize. Wikipedia has a cheat sheet, or you can check your work in the end credits of the video when Carvajal lists the films shown.

What's your pick for Best Picture this year? My money's on Argo, mainly because of Affleck's '70s-tastic beard.