How NYC's Street Signs are Made

Chris Higgins
YouTube / NYC DOT
YouTube / NYC DOT / YouTube / NYC DOT

In Maspeth, Queens, a crew of 22 people makes 9,000 to 12,000 street signs each month in order to keep New York City streets properly marked. So how exactly do you make ten thousand signs with such a small crew? Plastics. Silk-screens, computer-assisted routers, and a lot of hand work go into the sign-making. Learn all about it in this surprising high-quality three-minute video from the New York City Department of Transportation:

This points to another somewhat surprising discovery: the NYC DOT has a YouTube channel, and it's kind of great. Check out their video about Jackson Heights for a good example. If you're a city infrastructure geek (and I know some of you are), this is hot stuff.

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(Via Devour.)