Helpful Hints For Yeti Hunters

The United States government is actually on record as once having told Yeti hunters exactly how they may hunt for the mythical beasts and what to do if they find one.


Something Kim Jong Il May Have Actually Helped Create

Kim Jong Il never missed an opportunity to brag about his “amazing” accomplishments. For example, he claimed to have invented the hamburger. Now he has inspired the creation of a brand new genre: the Unauthorized Autobiography.

Also: If you’ve never seen the documentary created by Vice during a trip to North Korea, it is very interesting and well worth checking out. Here is Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.


Ann Landers & Alice Cooper As Pen Pals

Back in 1979, after the famous advice columnist took issue with one of the legendary rocker’s songs, the two exchanged letters on the matter.


Munch On These Girl Scout Cookie Facts

A few things you may not have known about the seasonal treats. For instance, you can find them with the help of your phone.


C’Mon, Nobody Misses the Scot-Teas

Here is a list of the Girl Scout cookies that have sailed off into retirement, and are dearly missed. But, really, I can’t believe anyone missed those shortbread cookies.


The British Version of The Office Is Coming Back

Kind of. The funniest character, David Brent, is making a small return.


Music Unmasked

Some bands wear really weird, intricate outfits. Here’s what they look like under all that get-up.