The Best Videos You'll See Today: "People in Order"

Chris Higgins
Lenka Clayton / James Price
Lenka Clayton / James Price / Lenka Clayton / James Price

Today, my biennial reminder of the best videos you probably haven't seen online: People in Order. It's a series of four short films in which regular people are shown in an order chosen by the filmmakers. It's joyous, poignant, smart, and often surprising.

From IMDB:

A series of 4 short films that arrange 471 people from around Britain according to 4 scales. 1. Age. A person of every age between 1 and 100. 2. Birth. 34 women from 4 to 41 weeks pregnant. 3. Love. 48 couples arranged by length of their relationship (in descending order). 4. Home. 73 households in descending order of yearly income (£400,000 - £3,240).

Now, let's go.

1. Age

Filmmaker James Price wrote:

... The resulting films are like a list of government statistics where the citizens they are referring to have broken out from behind the figures on the page. The people on the screen stop us from seeing them as numbers. Even in single second bursts there are worlds of personality stretching out in front of us. The films are really about our awe at how big life is, infinite in its variety, even when it seems just normal to each of us living it.

2. Birth

3. Love

4. Home

The filmmakers are Lenka Clayton and James Price. You can see more great stuff on Price's Vimeo Channel.