11 More Enjoyable Names for Relatively Common Things

Amanda Green
ThinkStock / ThinkStock

We've covered this beat before, logophiles—now see if you know 11 more names for relatively common things.

1. A baseball player's meat hand is the one without a glove.

2. If you have orts, or leftovers, after ordering dinner at a restaurant, you can ask for a doggie bag.

3. Wow, mom! Palindromes are words that read the same way forward and backward. But a semordnilap reads one way forward—"stressed"—and another way backward—"desserts." Other examples: "diaper," "parts," and "semordnilap" itself!

4. A shrewdness is a group of apes.

5. You know that thing on some bathtub spouts that you have to pull up to take a shower? It's called a diverter.

6. Doctors are notorious for griffonage, or illegible handwriting.

7. The diagonal line between related words is called a slash and/or a virgule.

8. A single banana is called a finger.

9. One way to get rid of singultus, or hiccups, is to hold your breath. Sticking out your tongue helps, too.

10. No doubt about it, you should know that aphthongs are the silent letters in words like "knife."

11. Barm is the foam on a beer. Bottoms up!