Fan-Made Movie Trailers

Caisey Robertson
Youtube / Youtube

If the entertainment industry ever runs out of ideas for new movies, they could turn to these creative trailers put together by movie fans and posted online. A few of them could be big hits at the box office.

The Legend of Zelda

Fans of the popular video games salivated over this trailer before it was revealed as an April Fool’s joke.

E.T.: X

This gory sequel to the classic movie makes E.T. the savior of humanity when the rest of his alien race decides to attack.

Titanic 2

A convincing fan-made trailer for a movie bringing Jack Dawson back to life tantalized the masses of Titanic fans who couldn’t accept his death in the original film.

Batman and Superman

Who could resist a movie bringing the Dark Knight and the Man of Steel together to fight crime?

Star Wars: Empire

Now that Disney is making more Star Wars movies, this intriguing trailer telling the story from the Empire’s point of view could be made possible.

The Shining

One of the most well-known horror movies is reimagined as a heartwarming story about a fatherless little boy bonding with his foster father.

Scary Mary Poppins

Here’s another reimagined favorite: Mary Poppins, the terrifying supernatural nanny.

The Oregon Trail

We have a Battleship movie and talks of films based on Monopoly and Candy Land—why not the Oregon Trail? There's plenty of potential drama: Anyone who’s played the game knows that someone is going to die of dysentery.