It’s Like He’s In My Head

Jim takes the insane mental images straight out of your brain (or the brains of the people that email and explain them to him) and paints them.


Digging Beneath the Vatican

Life has a great gallery of images showing a series of excavations once conducted under the Vatican.

This article quotes one from an issue of the magazine from 1950: "Deep in the earth below the great basilica of St. Peter’s in Rome the clink of pickaxes and the scrape of shovels in the hands of workmen have been echoing dimly for 10 years."


The Science of Superpowers

Scientific advancement is starting to make superhero powers a reality for humans. Is that a good thing?


Finding Forrest Fenn’s Fortune

Forrest Fenn has (supposedly) hidden a treasure that you’re encouraged to seek out. The Daily Beast has published a two-part series to help you find the windfall. They are here and here.


TVland, USA

This map plots out the settings of 113 different TV series. The article also includes a link to some awesome TV floor plans.


The Free Money ATM

This cash machine doesn’t have a bank fee. In fact, you don’t even have to have a bank account to get some money out of it. All the money it dispenses is free. But there is one small, selfless catch.