A Real Fishtale

The McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish was created by a desperate restaurant owner who thought it was a better idea than a pineapple hamburger.


A Brilliant Cover For A Brilliant Book

This version of Fahrenheit 451 has a really (match) striking cover.


Adopt Ben Franklin’s Morning Routine

You don’t end up on the $100 bill without having a successful plan.

Also: Not all of Franklin’s plans were great. He once tried to electrocute a turkey.


Great Musician

Fifty years ago, the Beatles made a really terrible business deal.


You May Think You Married An Ogre

But these people really did. They’re part of this funny list of weirdly-themed weddings.


And One More Wacky Wedding

This Calvin & Hobbes affair is my personal favorite.


The Fakest UFO Video You’ll Ever See

This is even more fake than a flying saucer made of two paper plates, because at least the paper plates actually exist. Confused? Just check this out.