Can Performing CPR Get You In Trouble?

I do know that not performing CPR definitely gets the other person in trouble.


Talk About A Quiet Vacation Destination

Varosha was once a popular tourist spot. But since 1974 its been completely abandoned and rotting. Check out the haunting pictures.


“Most Likely To Succeed” is So Last Year

Here are the new senior superlatives, courtesy of McSweeney’s.


You Don’t Need Conan To Tell You...

That the local news doesn’t need to tell you something. You already know.


Mother Theresa: Selfless. Giving. Jerk?

Huh? That last one doesn’t fit the image we have of her, but that argument is being made about her right now.


Tying Liquid In Knots

Seems impossible, right? Perhaps it won’t always be.