That’s the Way to Go

This husband respected his wife’s wishes by giving her a Viking funeral. I want one of those. Someday. Not anytime soon.


Pretenders to the Throne

Fans of Game of Thrones will enjoy these funny takeoffs.


These Shots Will Make You Thirsty

The Behold Photo Blog has some amazing snaps of Earth’s most extreme deserts.

Also: Speaking of the desert, how exactly does a mirage happen?


Google As Poetry

Google is so talented that it can spit out artistic verse for you.


Rand Paul Became A Mercenary Pirate Yesterday

Oh, never mind, I was using an old definition of filibuster.


Colbert of Middle Earth

Renaissance man James Franco recently challenged Stephen Colbert to a Lord-of-the-Rings-off, and was summarily destroyed. Skip straight to 5:20 for the LOTR content.