Full Disclosure: I am a Wizard of Oz nerd. When I was a kid I read a bunch of the Oz books written by Frank Baum. I remember one time in school we could read whatever novel we wanted to, so I brought in an Oz book from home. This one kid made fun of me and I remember thinking that he was such a nerd for thinking an Oz book was weird. My, the power of perspective. Anyways, because of my love for that wonderful land and the new movie coming out, I’m including a number of Oz-related items today.

The New Oz Movie + Dark Side of the Moon

We’ve all heard the well-traveled legend about how Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon syncs up with The Wizard of Oz. One writer decided to see how the album marries up with the new film, and his mind was blown.


What the Wizard Means

There are a number of theories floating around about what the classic 1939 film The Wizard of Oz really means. See if you buy any of these.


Memoirs of A Munchkin

The oldest surviving Munchkin from the ‘39 film shares some memories of making it.


The Man Behind the Curtain

The man who created Oz was just as colorful as the land itself.


OK, enough with that. Some non-Oz links...

The Mystery of the Vanishing Train

New Scientist asks you how this illusion is created.


Micro Apartments From Above

There is nothing micro about the claustrophobia these pictures create in me.


Get the Scientists Working on the Space Elevators

The idea sounds insane until you read about how it would work. Then it seems like something that should already have happened.


The Rich Internet & the Poor Internet

Hopefully they both get mental_floss.