Hello Viewers

At last we have a supercut of movies that break the fourth wall and acknowledge you, the viewer.


The History of Humans Living On the Moon

Or at least trying to.


The Fallacy of Skyscraper Forests

So, we can’t cut down trees with lasers, but at least we can plant them on top of skyscrapers, right? Well, as cool and earthy as it is to want to plant trees on top of a skyscraper, it might not really work.


Get Yourself An Exoplanet

You can name your very own exoplanet for about the same cost as a value meal. It’s the perfect gift for the people that love their significant other more than the name-a-star people love theirs.


Now the Story of A Rabid TV Fan Base Who Lost Everything...

And the show creator that had no choice but to keep them all together.