The Late Movies: Songs about Coca-Cola

Erica Palan
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Though we might think of Coca-Cola as a timeless American beverage, it wasn't until 1894 when the soda was bottled and sold for the first time. It happened in Vicksburg, Mississippi, at the hands of local soda fountain operator Joseph Biedenharn. Since 1894, it's become an iconic part of culture used to represent everything from simple summer days to a trip to the movies. Here, six times songwriters sang about Coca-Cola in their music.

"Good Directions," Billy Currington

"A little country store with an old Coke sign."

"When I Paint My Masterpiece," The Band

"Oh, to be back in the land of Coca-Cola."

"When Worlds Collide," Neil Young

"Floating along the Rio Grande/Coca-Cola in my hand."

"Spin Me a Christmas," Aqua

"If not for Coca-Cola/He would still have been green."

"Drive-In," The Beach Boys

"A big buttered popcorn and an extra-large Coke."

"Ellsworth," Rascal Flatts

"A couple of straws and a Coca-Cola."